Tamuka Mucha (TOO MUCH)

My name is Tamuka Mucha and I am a professional boxer. So far in my boxing career, I have had 17 fights and 16 wins with 4 knockouts, and I am the previous A.B.A Champion, 2012 GB Championships Silver Medalist and Southern Area Welterweight Champion. I am also currently placed 5th in the UK Welterweight rankings, not too far behind the likes of Kell Brook, Bradley Skeete and Sam Egginton! I started training with Tom in the summer of 2014 and from the beginning we had a great working relationship, he added so much variety to my training that I had never even considered and each and every session with him has been beneficial to the way I fight. He introduced me to strength and conditioning training and provides me with constant nutritional advice for my athletic needs, whether it’s refuelling after training sessions or preparing for a big fight. Since training with Tom I have won the Southern Area Welterweight belt and I have learnt more about nutrition and strength training than ever before. This is only the beginning and we are going to continue working as a team because there is so much more I can achieve in this sport – a world title is possible! #VictoryIsTheOnlyOption

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Thomas Jarvis (THE TANK)

My name is Thomas Jarvis and I'm a professional boxer. Tom is my strength and conditioning coach and I have worked with him for a couple of years now. Not only has he increased my strength, he has improved my speed and agility as well. His nutritional advice is second to none and has allowed me to make weight comfortably and healthily. His passion is one of his best qualities and he is forever studying to improve our sport specific workouts. Tom and I have built a good relationship and I now consider him as a friend as well as my coach. Tom has shown me that this is not a diet or just a training camp, rather a lifestyle. Stay ready so I don't have to get ready is how I see it now, as I chase these titles!

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I've been going to the gym for a number of years now and I felt I really knew the ins and outs of weights and cardio workouts. However I knew something wasn't right because I could never get the results I really wanted!  

I contacted Tom and we built strong communication and he became my online coach, providing training and nutrition guidance via phone, email and social media. 

I told him my predicament. I told him my weight, my body type, my workout routines and my diet. 

From that instant he picked holes in my stubborn and 'educated' ways. He reconstructed my workouts to target my goals of losing body fat but maintaining an athletic amount of muscle and took me out of what seemed to be an everlasting plateau. He ensured I learnt the detail I needed for my diet. Food groups, the best foods for my goals, and also right times to eat certain foods. 

Regardless of the food and workouts, I thought having a coach I never saw was going to be hard. Tom was on call 24/7 whenever I had a problem or felt like I needed a better understanding. He consistently gave advice and was able to motivate me so naturally it felt like he was there with me. This guy is so passionate about health and fitness it made the whole process not just easy, but smoother and more enjoyable than I could have ever imagined. And he taught me to focus and put the work in. And it definitely gave me the results!

A true PT in the world of a lot of pretenders. I'll recommend him to anyone and everyone. 

Tom, I thank you. #TeamTJ


Tom as a Personal Trainer is motivational, determined and knowledgeable. I enjoy every single session with him and I feel the benefits so much more than when I have trained by myself – it’s amazing how much harder you can push yourself when the right person is cheering you on!!

I am constantly asking Tom about food and nutrition and he always provides an interesting insight, whilst giving sensible advice! Anything he doesn’t know, he is more than happy and willing to go and find the answer to feedback.

Tom has given me the confidence in my body to do a photoshoot with Fitness Photographer Matt Marsh and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have done it without him! He helped me do it the healthy way – by training properly and eating according to my goals – no crash diets!

I would highly recommend Tom as a PT and nutritional counsellor because he is just as committed to your goals as you are!



In my time training with Tom at Studio 9 Fitness I have lost over four stone. Although I have made significant progress in such a short space of time I feel that my fitness journey has only just begun. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment and specialist training & advice has helped to enhance both my physique and my lifestyle. Consistency has been the key to achieving my goals so far, and as Tom likes to say "the only thing really stopping you, is you".

Kate 2.png


Biggest thank you to Louise for getting me into the best shape I’ve ever been in preparation for my wedding day.  

I’ve always felt comfortable being a size 10 but I’ve never really felt physically fit and toned. My idea of working out was doing an hour of cardio on the cross trainer or rowing machine. I was under the impression that by doing simple cardio for a long duration that was the best way to stay in shape.  But boy has Louise taught me otherwise!   

Louise is very knowledgeable and knows what exercises are best suited for your body shape.  Over the last 4 months I have thoroughly enjoyed our work outs and Louise makes sure every session you have with her is full of variety. 

As my focus was to tone up, my goal was to work on my bum, arms and tummy. We have worked on creating definition in my arms with TRX exercises, rowing, boxing and weight lifts. Louise introduced me to doing deadlifts (which I never had the confidence to do by myself at the gym!) which has really helped me to strengthen my core. Louise would set me realistic targets such as increasing my weights or reps gradually which was challenging but not overbearing for my body weight. I have also noticed a big improvement with my glutes and bum from doing exercises such as hip extensions, lunges and squats.  Louise will motivate you to push yourself so much so she once did a killer set of 100 glute bridges with me! 

I feel so much more educated, confident and happy as a slim size 6-8.  Louise has introduced me to so many different work outs that I enjoy and can do in my own time at the gym. She would even email me a training plan on the days I didn’t see her, so I could work on exercises and technique in my own time. 

I highly recommend Louise she is so professional, personable and understood exactly my goal of trying to feel more defined and toned rather than too muscly or skinny. Can’t thank you enough! 

Claire Test.png


"Training with Tom I have lost almost 6 stone (82lbs so far) of body fat and maintained my muscle mass throughout with a fat-busting mix of sound nutritional advice, free weights, resistance training and cardio work.  Always treating me with dignity and respect Tom has a knack of knowing just what to say to keep me motivated and focused on my target, and has supported me unequivocally in my journey to reach a goal I could barely dare let myself believe I could achieve.  This has been more than a weight loss journey; it has been a lesson in breaking barriers to success and self-sabotage, of accountability and responsibility, and of honesty and trust."


"I have been training with Tom Joyce for 2 years now and I can safely say I couldn't ask for a better trainer. I have learnt so much about myself and how my body works. Tom’s nutritional advice is brilliant. And it doesn't stop there. He offers food diaries and plans on what to eat; what's right and not right; and how much is recommended for my body type. I have always struggled to put on weight. Never had I been over 72kg. I'm 6"7 and always been very underweight. Since training with Tom I have increased my weight from 71kg to 95kg (nearly 4 stone) and all that weight is lean muscle. I'm consistently breaking my personal bests and I always enter the gym with the feeling of giving it my all, and leave with such a great feeling of accomplishment. I have recommended Tom to many of my friends and family and already they are signing up. Tom has guided me to becoming a better person, and I can't thank him enough. #MakeItHappen"


Tom, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to me for the 4 months on the run up to my wedding. I finally felt confident with how I looked and the nutritional guidance you provided set me up well for the future. Tom is someone I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get in shape and increase their own body confidence. Thanks Tom!!


The inevitable body shock and medical wake-up call occurred for me in 2014 when I suffered pneumonia.  Looking back this was partly due to spending too much time focused on the pursuit of wealth rather than on a work life balance.  

I was introduced to Tom; a fitness reboot in my mind, a lifestyle overhaul the outcome.  Incredibly from someone literally half my age, I did not expect something so complete or effective.  I signed up to 3 sessions per week, paced perfectly to convince my inner doubts (excuses) that they were just a matter of attitude and commitment.

Tom's "total fitness" approach includes nutritional assessment pre and post workout, email & text notifications, and critical stretching & rolling techniques to optimise performance.  Oh, and a disciplined and pragmatic rotation of muscle group strengthening and conditioning exercises.

Testimonials typically require before and after comparison, so I won't disappoint. 

26 years ago I completed the London Marathon in 4 hours 37 minutes, reasonable effort perhaps, but certainly nothing to worry Mo.  8 years later my Achilles snapped and I never ran again.  The reason for this anecdote is to indicate that I struggled to run to the end of the road at the point I signed up with Tom.

I have subsequently completed multiple distance runs; the Dinton 10K Summer Series, Rock Solid, Brutal 10K, even the Reading Santa Run... culminating in completing the Bournemouth Half Marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes... pretty  well the pace I achieved 26 years ago in the London Marathon!

So did I need Tom?  100%... I've had a gym membership at Nirvana since 1997 and no matter how often I went, I was just another punter; no one got inside my head to make the difference I needed.  

Does Tom do anything unique?  100%... His special talent is to relate to your motivational triggers, crucial to get you going, and keep you coming back. 

Can you afford him?  Let's just say he's the best investment I've ever made in my health and wellbeing, bar none.  Can you afford not to?


If you're thinking about training with a professional I highly recommend Tom. I’ve recently completed a 3 month online training programme with him and I couldn't be happier with the results! 

We started with a initial consultation over the phone to discuss my goals and talk about my nutrition for the next 3 months. This was then followed by setting out my training plan for the first month ahead. Tom made me feel very comfortable and helped me gain a greater understanding of training programmes and taught me a huge amount about nutrition.

Tom's sessions are tailored specifically to me and he keeps track of my progress, the gym programmes were changed on a monthly basis to keep things fresh. If you follow his advice you'll see incredible results in your body and mental well-being. Tom is an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline. 

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to change their life and get there confidence back. #MakeItHappen


Training with Tom has been very enjoyable and so rewarding!

I started training with Tom in December 2015 in an attempt to get stronger. I thought I was reasonably fit and healthy, but how wrong I was! With Tom's invaluable knowledge I soon discovered how I could improve not only my strength, but my fitness too. In terms of being healthy I was far from the mark,  and Tom's nutritional knowledge really opened up my eyes to how unhealthy my diet actually was. 

With Tom providing me with healthy alternatives, giving me advice during our sessions and sending out his weekly mailing lists, my diet is now on track to being balanced and healthy.

When training with Tom you can really see he enjoys every moment from helping you reach a goal to taking steps closer to reaching one, his determination and enthusiasm really shines and you can see he wants to get the best out of you. Tom really pushed me through each session and I came out of each one feeling better than the last. I started to really see how much Tom loved and enjoyed his job when I started to prepare for a charity boxing match, the time and effort he put in not only during a session but advice, nutritional plans, gym programmes and much more during the week. During the preparation for my boxing match Tom helped me put on over 1 stone in muscle and become significantly fitter in only 8 weeks!! I learned so much during this time from different techniques to target certain muscle groups, and how to prepare your body for intensive training.

I am now still training with Tom and looking forward to reaching my new goals. I would 110% recommend Tom to anyone looking for a personal trainer. 

A top guy and great personal trainer!!



I have always been fit and active, and am a keen runner and when I fell pregnant at the beginning of the year I didn’t want that to change. 

I trained with Tom from 12 weeks pregnant, right up until a week before my baby was born. As the weeks progressed we adjusted training sessions according to my changing ability so that I felt safe and confident to keep it up. As well as weekly personal training sessions, Tom provided me with training plans and nutritional advice which enabled me to have a healthy and active pregnancy.

As well as being a great personal trainer, Tom is also super friendly and great fun to be around. I would highly recommend Tom and the Studio 9 gym and can’t wait to get back to it!


Tom is a great guy and never fails to give you a great session...totally worth the money!   He is very dedicated to his job and gets awesome results.  If you stick with what he says you will reach your goal! I started with Tom middle of last year (2015) and so far have lost over 4 stone (126kg-98kg) and turned a good amount of fat to muscle.  I recommend Tom to anyone who is keen to lose weight and up their fitness levels! Thanks again TJ!!


How refreshing to meet someone who truly loves their job. I have never met anyone as knowledable, approachable or passionate about personal training & nutrition, as Tom. There's nothing he won't do to help you to reach your goals, from his inspirational workouts to advice on your weekly shop! I can't recommend him enough!


Tom Joyce.. The biggest biggest thank you for getting me into shape for my wedding. The dress fitted like a glove and I felt like a million dollars in it!! All those bloody jump squats, burpees, TRX exercises, chin lifts and all those other wonderful exercises you put me through certainly paid off. 

Ladies, if you are getting married or have a special occasion Tom is your man. Not only does Tom focus on key areas, he also provides nutritional advice and motivates you especially when you're having an "off" day.

I can't recommend Tom enough. He is based near Reading and I drive up every week from Wales to train with him! I think that tells you something! ;)


I have been training with Tom for nearly a year and he has proved to be a superb personal trainer.

I have progressed from having very little knowledge of gym-based resistance work to the point where I have the confidence and familiarity with the techniques required to train myself and maintain my goals. I have lost a significant amount of weight whilst building muscle and have been surprised at what I am capable of. Without Tom’s engaging personal style, knowledgeable coaching and motivational skills, none of this would have been possible.

I highly recommend Tom to anyone who is considering a personal trainer – I wouldn’t train with anyone else.


Massive thanks to Tom for getting me into shape for my charity “Ultra White Collar Boxing” event! Without Tom’s training I wouldn’t have survived the 3 rounds, let alone come away with a well-deserved draw! Tom has helped me completely change my lifestyle through hard work but has also made me enjoy doing this at the same time. I loved every session that I had and I'm glad that I got in contact with him. Not only is he a great PT but also a great friend, always available for questions and any help that is needed. Anybody looking to get into shape and get fit, this is your guy! Thanks a lot mate, I couldn't have done this without you! 


It's easy to find a personal trainer but its probably impossible to find one as hard working and committed as Tom Joyce.  I've been working out with Tom for almost five months and his commitment to his clients goes way beyond a session with him in the gym. He makes himself available virtually 24/7 to answer questions and queries or to give advice. He also sends motivational text messages and emails which seem to arrive just as you’re thinking of skipping a work out! He goes that extra mile and his motivation is ensuring that his clients achieve their own personal goals. 

Workouts with Tom are tough but rewarding. He knows how far to push and every session is varied. He runs group circuit classes too, and no matter how many he has in the class, he tailors every exercise to each individual so that everyone gets maximum benefit out of each session.  

Tom's enthusiasm and commitment is contagious and whilst he makes sure you work hard in every session he also makes it fun. He has a fantastic knowledge and obviously reads widely to keep up to date with all things relating to exercise and nutrition as he's always sharing new information. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Tom to anyone looking for a personal trainer. 

Lawrence, Chartered Surveyor

"Tom has now been my PT for nearly 3 years. His boundless energy, desire and encouragement to exceed goals that you thought were not achievable sets him aside from any other PT I have come across. Training can be mundane and uninspiring but Tom's sessions are always varied which keeps everything fresh and interesting. Within a matter of weeks you will start to physically feel the differences in you and your fitness. I can't recommend Tom more highly."


Choosing Tom as my Personal Trainer was the best decision I could have made in getting healthier and fitter. I had lost a significant amount of weight before working with Tom but I found I plateaued and I could not kick start the weight loss again, I knew I needed to mix my training up, work harder and change my nutrition to achieve my goals and needed some professional advice.

Tom is motivational and determined to help you achieve any goal you set. He reviews your nutrition, tailors plans for food and exercise at the gym and he is always available if you have any questions.

I have a completely different mind-set towards my training and nutrition now, I thought I knew everything about diets, but I knew very little and I am no longer on a diet.

Every personal training session I do with Tom is challenging, I work harder than I have ever worked thanks to Tom's encouragement and not to mention I have a lot of fun.

My body has changed and I no longer worry about the scales, I am healthy and happy and I am still on the road to achieving my goals but know I will get there with the lessons I have learnt.


Before coming to Tom, I had occasionally visited the gym and played hockey but never really seen any change in many years. In 6 weeks working with Tom, that has all changed. With the help I received from Tom, both with workouts and nutritional support, I lost nearly 10kg and I am still losing weight since I have returned to university. I always looked forward to workouts with Tom, as even though they were hard work, I enjoyed every session. Each session was fresh and different. I felt like progress was made every week and Tom then pushed me to continue developing. My fitness is the best it has ever been for the start of a hockey season and this is all down to Tom’s help. I thoroughly recommend going to Tom for personal training and looking forward to working with him again when I am back from university. 


"I joined Studio 9 on a recommendation from a friend when I need some new gym inspiration. I had lost my motivation to train and needed to make working out enjoyable again. The facilities at Studio 9 are amazing and training with Tom was fun and he made me push myself harder than I had done in months. Tom also helped me with my diet and always gave me good advice and a 'telling off' every now and again when I was going off track. I now have more confidence to train that bit harder and know what I need to do to stay fit and healthy for the long-term."


Having moved away from the area and spent nearly a year training with two other PT’s that were far more local to me, I was disappointed with the results. I just wasn’t achieving what I had with Tom.  As a result, I am now travelling back down the M4 twice a week to carry on training with Tom!  The sessions are always different (and always tough) and he has a way of getting the best out of you.  I have been training with him for nearly 3 years, and his dedication, enthusiasm and belief never falters.  He genuinely wants you to do well and is a pleasure to train with.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always fun to be around.  I would always recommend him, and would miss him if I had to stop training with him. 


Studio 9 Fitness is the place to go, I can't thank Tom enough. When I joined I had very little physical strength and also having had a near death experience nearly 12 years ago, I had never got my fitness back to a level I was happy with, well Tom changed all that, I have toned up, lost weight and can now actually lift weights. I was always worried as one of my lungs is dead from my near death experience, but I can't believe where I have got to now, I feel so much fitter and better about myself. Tom’s encouragement and “you can do this” attitude was just what I needed and I still can't believe where I started and where I am now...  so, BIG THANKS TOM, you made the sessions hard work but fun, I enjoyed every one of them and can't recommend you enough and I will still pop in to see you are still hard at it! :)


"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible". Arthur C Clarke - I think this is you!

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you Tom. You are inspirational not only because you put in 100% of your own time and effort to enable me to make the changes I need to and achieve goals but you inspire me to keep moving forward, changing things and making me think about what I am looking to achieve instead of just going through the 'fitness' motions. Thanks Tom for helping me change my eating and making me realise that food is not the enemy and how it actually helps me with my fitness. I enjoy the training sessions.  You give over and above what other PT trainers provide, it’s not just your boundless energy and enthusiasm that makes you unique, but you also give your time outside of the sessions for any questions and concerns. I remember the day you arrived on my door to find out what had gone wrong when I had had a day of eating nothing but chocolate!!!!

You're a star Tom, keep up the good work, you deserve all the success!!


I would be happy to highly recommend Tom Joyce to anybody that has the determination to make a change in their health and fitness. I approached Tom 4 months ago, and although I found the first few sessions hard work, the difference he has made to me physically is matchless. I’d openly say that Tom has helped me understand the importance of good food; and the right food at the best times of day. 

Tom is not only a good fitness trainer but he has limitless useful information with regards to food and drink. Every client is special to Tom. Characteristically Tom is respectful, grateful, loyal and imparts courage and hope. 


 "Thank you for all your help with my knees; today I got accepted as a presenter/trainer for Les Mills UK for Body Balance and Body Vive. Couldn't have done it without you!"


"Tom is an inspirational trainer, he has driven me to make changes and stick to them, and since he's set up his own business I have been even more impressed with his own personal drive and ambition. His knowledge (and application) of nutrition, exercise and physiology is extensive and combined with his infectious enthusiasm for the profession he excels at being a great Personal Trainer and superb at motivating group exercise classes. I am still on my journey, but having lost over 3 stone, Tom is able to switch focus to ensure my progress doesn’t plateau, he changes my PT sessions each time keeping me and my body guessing and ensures that even during group classes I am focusing on the areas I need to in order to achieve my goals.

Tom works incredibly hard but always insists that I’m the one doing the hard work, he is always available at the end of a phone, e-mail or ‘tweet’ and makes a point of following up to ensure the programme or plan he’s put in place for me is understandable, achievable and that I’m enjoying it. Strange as it sounds, but enjoyment is one of Tom’s key goals and it works, I enjoy the variety, the energy and the enthusiasm in each session and makes me keep coming back for more.

Thanks Tom, now let’s get back to work!!"


I've been working with Tom for several months now and love his training method.Not only is he driven to provide a gold standard service, he genuinely loves what he does. He is knowledgable, dedicated and focused. After every session I walk away feeling accomplished and looking great ;) unrivalled equipment with the atmosphere to boot! Go and find out for yourself.

Katy, Doctor

Tom has been training me for a year now. I am really impressed by Tom and cannot recommend him highly enough. I love my sessions and always look forward to them, in fact they are one of the highlights in my week. I find Tom is always enthusiastic, inspiring and the sessions are never the same, I never get bored. He has a wealth of knowledge and a holistic view on looking after your body. I enjoy talking to Tom about nutrition and fitness. He is wise for his years and I am convinced there isn't another way I could replicate the health benefits of my time with Tom. I think a measure of this is I hope to be training with Tom for a very long time. 


"Tom is a highly motivated trainer. He has drive and energy that is infectious and always has something new for me to try. I enjoy ever second of my training that not only brings me a happy sense of well being but pushes me to the next level of fitness. He is very helpful and provides above and beyond the average trainer. He helps me with my nutrition and if I have any problems he's always there to help. Tom has extensive knowledge of different fitness techniques so depending on my goals he can adjust my program whether it's fat loss or training for a competition. What more can I say if he'd let me I'd train everyday!"


"Tom’s variety of personal training really maintains fresh momentum with every session. His perfect balance of a subtle push each session beyond my individual limit, together with keeping fitness engaging & fun, ultimately achieves results and ensures a sustainable lifestyle change."


"Tom's personable, friendly and professional approach helps you to develop both physical strength and endurance alongside personal confidence to achieve your goals. Every session is different; the variety of exercises stops the predictability I have experienced elsewhere, and Tom stretches your ability by regularly moving you on to the next level of difficulty. Training with Tom in PT and circuit sessions has increased my core strength significantly as well as improving my self-confidence to push my limits. All of which has had noticeable effects in my competitive sport."


"Tom became my personal trainer in September when a friend and I decided we needed that extra push to improve our fitness. We started doing buddy training which was great fun and then changed to 1-2-1 sessions when we realised we had different goals we wanted to achieve. The 1-2-1 sessions are really enjoyable and always different. I look forward to the sessions every week and both my friends and myself have noticed the change in my physique. Tom is always friendly, very motivating and also very flexible if I am unable to attend a session due to sick children.  He is highly knowledgeable in both fitness and nutrition and by handing him a food diary every week it has forced me to rethink the way I eat and lead a healthier lifestyle all round.

I would highly recommend him."