Online Training


Online Training

Workout in your own time, but with the knowledge and expertise of a Personal Trainer! No need to book an appointment; reap the benefits of training with a pro for a fraction of the price; stay accountable through weekly check-ins and the use of food plans, food diaries and specifically tailored nutrition programmes.


- Bespoke training programme tailored to your goals
- Regular programme updates
- Weekly progress check-ins as well as regular communication as and when
- Food plans and food diary analysis   
- Specific nutrition plan with macronutrient breakdown (on request)
- Motivation and RESULTS!

£85 per month
Minimum 3 month sign up

Contact your online coach today to start your journey!


Online Testimonials


I've been going to the gym for a number of years now and I felt I really knew the ins and outs of weights and cardio workouts. However I knew something wasn't right because I could never get the results I really wanted!  

I contacted Tom and we built strong communication and he became my online coach, providing training and nutrition guidance via phone, email and social media. 

I told him my predicament. I told him my weight, my body type, my workout routines and my diet. 

From that instant he picked holes in my stubborn and 'educated' ways. He reconstructed my workouts to target my goals of losing body fat but maintaining an athletic amount of muscle and took me out of what seemed to be an everlasting plateau. He ensured I learnt the detail I needed for my diet. Food groups, the best foods for my goals, and also right times to eat certain foods. 

Regardless of the food and workouts, I thought having a coach I never saw was going to be hard. Tom was on call 24/7 whenever I had a problem or felt like I needed a better understanding. He consistently gave advice and was able to motivate me so naturally it felt like he was there with me. This guy is so passionate about health and fitness it made the whole process not just easy, but smoother and more enjoyable than I could have ever imagined. And he taught me to focus and put the work in. And it definitely gave me the results!

A true PT in the world of a lot of pretenders. I'll recommend him to anyone and everyone. 

Tom, I thank you. #TeamTJ


If you're thinking about training with a professional I highly recommend Tom. I’ve recently completed a 3 month online training programme with him and I couldn't be happier with the results! 

We started with a initial consultation over the phone to discuss my goals and talk about my nutrition for the next 3 months. This was then followed by setting out my training plan for the first month ahead. Tom made me feel very comfortable and helped me gain a greater understanding of training programmes and taught me a huge amount about nutrition.

Tom's sessions are tailored specifically to me and he keeps track of my progress, the gym programmes were changed on a monthly basis to keep things fresh. If you follow his advice you'll see incredible results in your body and mental well-being. Tom is an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline. 

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to change their life and get there confidence back. #MakeItHappen

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